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Holistic Therapies

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Katy Jones has been working as a holistic therapist for over 15 years. After running a successful retreat company in Lincolnshire, she travelled the world in search of the perfect massage. With training in a variety of traditions, including shiatsu, reiki, yoga and massage Katy aims to create a space where your body mind and soul can be heard, nourished and restored leaving you feeling better able to cope with the stresses and strains of life.

Therapeutic Relaxation Session- £40

If you are working with stress, difficult emotions or a significant life event that is affecting your quality of life or sleep, book in to learn useful techniques to settle the nervous system and be guided through a systematic relaxation of your body, mind and soul to find that 100% essence of you that can restore and relax you- six sessions recommended


COVID Measures

Masks to be worn during treatment, clothes placed in a box on arrival, room ventilated and sanitised between clients, and therapist will wear a mask and visor ensuring you are as safe as possible.

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