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Marj has spent many years studying and practising a myriad of therapies, and has a special interest in the fusion of East meets West. Whilst working in the famous Parrot Cay Shambalan Spa in the Caribbean she has massaged Bruce Willis, David Copperfield and Donna Karan, to name a few! 

Whether you need relaxing, balancing or pampering, do pay her a visit. She is here in Balance every Wednesday.

Theraputic Oncology Massage

Carefully adapted to suit individual needs. Using 100% natural and organic oils this treatment is suitable for the most sensitive of skins. The gentle touch brings harmony and leaves you feeling deeply relaxed.

30 minutes .... £35

60 minutes .... £60

Balanced Mind & Body Massage

A gentle massage using crystals and essential oils to correspond with the function of your Chukras. Bringing you harmony, balance and relaxation.

60 minutes .... £60


A gentle hands on/off therapy using life energy to assist the balance of physical, mental and emotional flow through the body.

30 minutes .... £25

60 minutes .... £40

Add crystals to the treament .... £5/£10

Allergy Testing

We test many foods  and chemicals using applied Kinesiology. Also fill in confidential questionnaires. The session is completely non-evasive, conducted with the client fully clothed lying or sitting on the couch. Individual nutritional advice and a programme of self help is given, and beneficial remedies sometimes suggested.

1st appt .... £60

Follow up .... £40

Hormone Balancing (Menopause)

Body & Face Massage

Taking a comprehensive look at all presenting symptoms, a bespoke treatment using TCM acupressure points, specialised oils, Kansa Wand and magnet plasters within the massage.

75 minutes .... £70

Hot Stone Massage

Using warm basalt stones to gently release tension, soothe aching muscles and calm mind and body. In harmony with relaxing aromatic oils.

30 minutes .... £35

60 minutes .... £60

Spirit of 'La Stone' Massage

The treatment begins with a spinal layout using warm basalt stones whilst cold marble stones and more warm stones are used to massage, release muscle tension, flush away unwanted toxins and reduce inflammation. Stones are placed on key energy points whilst Chakras are balanced to restore harmony. Melt away your everyday stresses and strains and leave feeling serene yet refreshed and re-energised.

90 minutes .... £80

Hopi Ear Candling

A holistic treatment to help with pressure in the ear and sinuses, headaches, hay fever and general well being. Includes deep drainage facial massage.

.... £25

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