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Robot Takeover

Foils have to be cut, it seems on an almost daily basis. Helen is a very good colourist as well as stylist, so foils must be cut.

However, I have recently come across a foil cutting machine. How fantastic! You put in, on the control panel, the length of foil your require, press a button and out they spill, one after another until the amount you need is reached. And all of equal length. Not one of my strengths, getting the lengths equal. Not to mention the fact that I also like little gadgets. Not in a man-type way, but in a that-will-help-me-out- beautifully-type way.

Will this make my job obsolete? Will the gadgets take over? All I will be good for is filling the machine! And taking the foils to Helen. And it can't make a cup of tea. No, my job is safe. I can also sweep the floor.

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